TeloYear Affiliate Program Holiday Promotions

Health and Wellness Affiliate Program For The Holidays

Are you a health and wellness influencer creating a holiday gift guide? You and your followers are passionate about health so it makes sense to gift health during the holidays. TeloYears is a great addition to any holiday gift guide or recommendation. Below are key points to address.

TeloYears For The Holidays

Purchase the $99 gift card and the recipient will receive the following:

  • Easy to use sample kit
  • Personalized knowledge of your DNA based on world-class science
  • Easy to understand results
  • Inspiration to improve with actionable lifestyle suggestions
  • A self-assessment tool
  • Action plan and tips
  • Detailed explanation of the science behind TeloYears

Why TeloYears As A Gift?

  • Perfect way to prepare for New Year’s Resolutions
  • Empower someone with the power of health knowledge including actionable steps to improve
  • Unique gift for the fitness enthusiast who has everything
  • Under $100 makes it an affordable gift

About TeloYears

  • Founded by a Nobel Peace Prize Winner for her work with telomeres.
  • Grounded in science. Over 20,000 studies on telomeres to date
  • CLIA Certified lab based in the United States.¬†CLIA-certified lab must meet high-quality standards, including qualifications for staff who perform the test & process controls to ensure accurate, reliable results.

What Are People Saying About TeloYears?

Feel free to use any of the 5 star testimonials listed below

Great insight

The test was easy to do and the package with the result and information received very informative and actionable.

renewed confidence

very helpful….confirms what healthy lifestyle can do..and gives confidence to keep moving forward with new projects in my legal career without considering chronological age..and my employees are now firm believers. eliminates doubt that comes with age. thanks. T


For starters it is a unique feeling to be in the vanguard of a service like TeloYears. I am impressed with the quality of your materials and the comprehensive reports that come with the findings. As a devotee of epigenetics it is refreshing to know that at 69 years old I can still change a thing or two with intentional living

Great, valuable personal health insights!

As a Yale molecular biochemistry major, I am keenly aware of, and on the lookout for services to keep me appraised of my health at a molecular level, and having the ability to know how my chromosome telomeres are “holding up” is priceless.

TeloYears made getting that information “almost” painless — and the lancet used to draw blood was very efficient, as was the method they constructed to get the kit to me, allow me to collect the sample, send the sample back to them, and get the results back quite quickly, with a comprehensive report included.

Great value for the money!

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