Gift Post Ideas

Gift guide posts optimize well with search engines and provide great passive affiliate income. Promote for Valentine’s Day but leave out the holiday in your title to optimize for anyone looking for a gift all year long. These posts include more than one merchant but I am hoping TeloYears will be at the top.

10 Gifts For The CrossFit Fan In Your Life

  1.  TeloYears
  2. protein powder
  3. collagen powder
  4. handcare kits (to help with those calluses)
  5. CrossFit themed t-shirts
  6. workout clothes
  7. jump ropes
  8. Paleo snacks
  9. foam rollers
  10. CrossFit Lifestyle magazine

10 Gifts For The Health Nut In Your life

  1. TeloYears
  2. meal delivery service subscription
  3. Men’s Health (or Women’s) Magazine
  4. Fresh pressed juice gift card. My personal online favorite is Project Juice
  5. subscription
  6. Thrive Market gift card
  7. FitBit
  8. a Smart Scale
  9. healthy cookbook like the Paleo Cookbook
  10. workout bands

10 Gifts for the Biohacker In Your Life

  1. TeloYears
  2. floatation service gift card
  3. Oura ring
  4. FitBit with heart rate monitor
  5. heart rate monitor
  6. biohacking books such as Head Strong by Dave Asprey
  7. The Bullet Proof Coffee Kit
  8. collagen protein
  9. Soma Pulse
  10. organic dark chocolate

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