TeloYears and Advanced Ancestry

About TeloYears and Advanced Ancestry

This bundle provides amazing DNA results and insight with one test.

The TeloYears Test provides actionable DNA results based on telomere length. Telomere length is scientifically associated with longevity and general health. The results? Your biological age versus your chronological age. While your chronological age (based on your birthday) is stagnant, your biological age can change based on lifestyle changes. TeloYears provides you a detailed guide to change your telomere length if you are unhappy wit your results.

Advanced Ancestry can be added for only $70 more to give you further insight into your DNA.  Teloyears Advanced Ancestry is the world’s first genome-wide ancestry service to use next-generation DNA sequencing.

That means double the ethnic regions of the leading health plus ancestry test for twice the possibilities for discovering the more complete story of you.

What your ancestry can you about your health?

Certain populations are more prone to health risks than others. Note, this only means you are more prone, it does not mean the disease or health risk is inevitable Below are examples provided by Cleveland Clinic Research*

  • Ashkenazi Jewish people have a higher risk of carrying the BRCA gene mutation than other populations. They are also genetically predisposed to Tay-Sachs disease.
  • Asians and Hispanics are genetically predisposed to thalassemia.
  • Caucasians have a higher incidence of cystic fibrosis.
  • African Americans have a higher risk of inheritance for sickle cell anemia and cardiovascular disease.

Your genetic history could determine your reaction to meditations** There is an FDA list of medications where your genes could impact effectiveness or include a higher risk for an adverse




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