“Why Telomeres Matter” Campaign Asset Page

One of the most common questions asked by your followers will be “What are telomeres” and “What do they matter to me?” Below are talking points to create your post and scientific studies to reference.

What are telomeres?

  • Distinctive structures found at the end of chromosomes
  • Often compared to those plastic covers at the end of shoelaces
  • They protect the end of our chromosomes so the chromosomes don’t stick/merge together
  • Allows cells to divide without losing essential genetic information
  • Wikipedia definition –  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telomere
  • Clear definition and cool pictures – http://www.yourgenome.org/facts/what-is-a-telomere
  • Here is an image from the Teloyears site you are authorized to use


Why  measure the length of your telomeres?

  • Telomere length has been associated with increased risks of cancer, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer, Parkison’s and more
  • You can change the length of your telomeres by making diet and lifestyle changes
    • For studies that show the impact of diet click here
    • For studies that show the impact of sleep click here
    • For studies that show impact of stress click here
    • For studies that show impact of exercise click here

How to include affiliate links that convert?

  • Include affiliate links at the beginning, middle and end of your post
  • Provide a strong call to action that is related to your site such as Take Your TeloYears test <insert affiliate link> and share in our community for tips on how to improve or just congratulations on your hard work.
  • Use your disclosure as part of your selling point. If you click on this link <insert affiliate link>  to purchase TeloYears, you are supporting the continuation of this blog and information I provide you.
  • Include testimonials for yourself or ones that can be found on the TeloYears website
  • Cite one of the many credible studies from such organizations as the National Institute of Health or Harvard to give your post credibility
  • Include one of your Shareasale banners if you have sidebar banners or include as an image within your post

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