Affiliate Program for Health Coachs

TeloYears Affiliate Program For Health Coaches

The TeloYears affiliate program provides a great additional source of income for health coaches as well as an invaluable tool for your clients. This post explains why the TeloYears test makes a great addition to your practice as a tool and revenue source.

Why TeloYears Over Other Telomere Tests

  • Founded by the 2009 Nobel Prize winner for work with telemeres
  • Provides tangible and easy to interpret  results to keep clients motivated and results measureable
  • Credible USA based lab – certified by and regulated under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) act.
  • Only telomere lab whose analytical validation of its measurement method has been accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal

How To Integrate Into Your Coaching Program

  • Taking the TeloYear test at the beginning of the client relationship gives you and your client a starting point.
  • Since diet and lifestyle positively impact your telomere length, your client can take another test 6 months after working with you
  • Share your TeloYear results and progress on social media as proof of concept for your coaching techniques
  • Perfect to integrate with online and offline coaching programs as a measurement of success
  • Share on social media and write a blog post to position yourself as an innovative health coach and earn residual income. A great place to start is this campaign asset page

Promotion Tips for TeloYears Affiliates

  • Include as part of your introductory package. You can buy gift cards via your affiliate link and include cost in your base price. You will want to make sure you client does the ordering online so s/he can answer questions
  • Write a post about how TeloYears is part of your program and why. Include the TeloYears commercial which is also located on your Shareasale portal and has your affiliate link embedded
  • Send an email out and do a social media blast to your post
  • Create a video of you taking the test and getting your results. Be sure to add the caption text for SEO purposes


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