Affiliate FAQs

What is the commission for the tests?

$12 per order.

What is the cookie length?

60 days

What is the average order value?

Most people order one test for a value of $129

What is the average conversion rate?

Currently, affiliates are ranging between 3-12% conversions depending on the marketing technique

Who manages this program?

Stephanie and Ruth Ann of Robbins Interactive

As with all Robbins Interactive affiliate programs, there are no toolbars or parasite affiliates in this program. Content affiliate sales are protected. The Teloyears affiliate program does not have any coupon, deal or loyalty affiliates in its program. Even if a consumer clicks on a coupon site, your commission is secure.

Can I bid on your trademark or any variation of your trademark?

No. Trademark bidding will result in removal of the program per the Terms and Conditions listed inĀ in the application process.

Do I need to disclose that I am an affiliate?

Yes. FTC disclosure is the law. Failure to disclosure your relationship with the brand will lead to removal of the program. Click here to learn how to be compliant with the FTC laws.

Where can I sign up as an affiliate?

We are proud to partner exclusively with the Shareasale network. Click here to sign up.