Create an affiliate text link

The following are detailed instructions on how to insert a text link into your site.

Congratulations on signing up for the Teloyears affiliate program. You are on your way to helping people optimize their health and providing an additional revenue stream for you. Below are the steps you need to take to get started.

Step by Step Instructions

1) Log in to Sharesale

2) Roll over the Links top navigation button and select Get Links

3) Click on Get Links and look for the Teloyears links

Get Teloyears Affiliate Links

4) Click on the Get HTML Code hyperlink under the Actions column

Grab the TeloYears affiliate code

5) Copy and paste the code in the box. You can grab all the code in the first box if you are pasting into HTML. If you are using a WYSWIG/ tool like WordPress, simply grab the url in the Shortest Code box.  The Shortest Code url is also perfect for linking images, social media and email.


Here is the affiliate code


I hope you find this post and video useful. If you are still confused, don’t hesitate to reach out.