How To Add Affiliate Videos

Videos are an amazing tool to increase your conversions and add depth to your post. The TeloYears affiliate program has two commercials available for your post. Each video/commericial includes your unique affiliate code to track your sales. Below are step by step instructions on how to add your affiliate videos into your site.

Please note, you cannot use these videos to insert directly into social media. If you would like to include the video for your social media promotions, please email us at affiliates [at] telomeredx [dot] com for a MP4 file.

Step 1 – Log into Shareasale

Step 2 –¬†Click on Links

Step 3 – Click on Videos

Step 4 – In the keyword Search use teloyears

Step 5 – Select Get Video Code

Step 6 – Pick your commercial and click on the link that sales Preview/Get HTML

Step 7 – Copy ALL the code

Step 8 – Insert code into the source code

If you are in WordPress, you will want to click on the Text tab versus Visual to add your code. You will not see the video in the admin tool but when you look at the published page, it will be there.