How To Create a Converting Teloyears Affiliate Post

You already know the value of Teloyears. You know your followers will benefit from the test results that provide actionable steps for improvement that you can help with! So why aren’t your Teloyears posts and social media shout outs converting? This article outlines some common mistakes that could be getting in your way. If you still aren’t sure of the problem, shoot Ruth Ann and Stephanie an affiliate at affiliates [at] telomeredx [dot] com so we can offer some custom advice.

Where are the links?

Many affiliates save their affiliate links for the end of the post. While we all would like to believe everyone reads our amazing posts from top to bottom this is not always the case. Place affiliate links in the beginning, middle and end of the post. Usually the middle affiliate link is an eye catching and relevant image. The Teloyears 300×250 banners make a great converting image.

Don’t be subtle?

Are your affiliate links simply a text link using the brand name? While this may work at the beginning of the post, you want your closing affiliate link to be just that a closer. Use copy such as Click here to order your rest results below.┬áThe words “click here” should be the affiliate hyperlink. I know it seems ridiculously obvious, but not everyone thinks to click on an underlined word. It is also nice to add in Be sure to tell me your results in the comments or on my Facebook page.


Not one is it the law to follow FTC Disclosure policies, it can also help your post or shout out convert. Your readers love all the knowledge you are dropping. Explain that by clicking on your affiliate link supports the blog and your services that you are providing.

Did anyone see it?

The best converting affiliate tool remains a blog post. However, you need to make sure people see the post!. Shoot out an email to your subscriber list, post on your social media channels or make a video. Each of these tactics you employ will increase your exposure and commissions.

Give It A Boost

We recently had an affiliate who did a Facebook boost to his Facebook fan page audience. He profited more than double the expense of the boost. I don’t recommend this tactic for Instagram as I have not seen the same level of conversions. However, it works like a charm and is affordable in your own Facebook audience.

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