Best Practices As A TeloYears Affiliate

Thank you for becoming a TeloYears affiliate. Below are the best promotional practices from top performing affiliates in the promotion.

Blog Post

The most common centerpiece of a TeloYears affiliate campaign is a blog post. Click here on how to write a converting affiliate blog post. You don’t have to wait until you have your test results to share TeloYears with your audience. Let your audience know why telomere length is important to you and show them the steps to taking the test. Some consumers are nervous about an in-home genetic test. Make them feel more comfortable by showing them there are no large needles or complicated instructions. Encourage your followers to take the test with you.

Max Lugareve’s post put him in the top 5 affiliates.

Comparison Posts

Comparison PostsA great benefit of being an affiliate is that you can promote more than one brand on a post. Comparison posts rank well within the search engines as well

Email Marketing

Your email list is one of your greatest assets. Be sure to use your list for targeted campaigns when promoting TeloYears. In the email, offer a brief overview of the test and why you are promoting it. Your link should be to the blog post for more information as well as an option to Purchase Now with a direct affiliate link. Contact Ruth Ann and Stephanie for special short term promotions to create a strong call to action.

Social Media

Within the TeloYears program, the highest conversions come from Facebook. The blog article is posted in a Facebook Group or is boosted on a Facebook Fan Page.  This does not discount the power of Instagram or Twitter. These social media channels are great for personal brand recognition. I simply see less direct sales through those channels.


Podcasts have been successful with the TeloYears affiliate program. Refer your listeners to the notes page where you have both a direct affiliate link as well as a link to your blog post with more details. Listen to the Ben Greenfield podcast for a great example.


Videos are an amazing way to connect with your followers and get conversions on your affiliate links. Be sure to include your affiliate link in your description and mention the link often in your video.

An added bonus for a YouTube video is it optimizes well in the search engines. Take full advantage of this fact by adding your script into the Closed Caption option and include your keywords in a user-friendly title.



While banners alone will not result in conversions, banners serve as a great augmentation to your overall campaign.