Teloyears FAQs

When was TeloYears founded?


Who are the founders of TeloYears?

A group of four scientists including Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2009 for her pioneering work in telomere biology

Where is the TeloYears Lab?

Silicon Valley, California For more information on our lab, please view the video below.

Is your lab certified?

Yes please see certifications below.

CMS License Type License No Expiration Date
CLIA Certificate of Registration 05D2041002 5/19/2017


State License Type License No Expiration Date
Florida Clinical Chemistry 800027405 10/21/2016
Pennsylvania Clinical Chemistry 033338 8/15/2016
Rhode Island Clinical Chemistry LCO00893 12/30/2016
Maryland Clinical Chemistry 2062 6/30/2017
California Clinical Chemistry CLF 00342713 5/6/2017