TeloYears Product FAQs

Who is the TeloYears test for?

Anyone who wants to take control of their health. As public genetic testing is becoming more mainstream, consumers want to understand and control their health with more data.

What is the value of taking the test?

Knowledge is power! Since individuals can change the length of their telomeres, the results of the test can serve as motivation for efforts with lifestyle and diet or the desire to make new changes.

How much does the test cost?

$89+shipping and handling

What is included in the kit?

  • Pink finger stick Lancet
  • One drop blood collection strip
  • Yellow top transport tube
  • Alcohol wipe
  • Gauze pad
  • Adhesive bandage
  • Small clear baggy
  • Pre-paid return envelope

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How long does it take to get test results back?

Currently it takes between 4-6 weeks though we are shortening the process

Does the test hurt?

All you feel is a minor sensation when the small lancet pierces the skin of your fingertip. The finger stick is a similar method to that used in at-home blood glucose monitoring.

Why do you take blood samples instead of saliva?

The most common and accurate way to measure a telomere is via white blood cells.

Is my blood sample safe and secure in ordinary mail?

We are confident about using regular mail as the United States Postal Service routinely delivers biological specimens securely from individuals to their corresponding laboratory.

How can I be sure my test results remain private and will not be shared with other people or companies?

Your test reports are kept absolutely private according to the company’s Privacy Policy and are available only to you and the ordering doctor that maintains compliance with the HIPAA security rule, which regulates privacy and security of your health information.

Is the TeloYears test approved by the FDA?

The test is available for use under CLIA, the federal governing body over lab-developed tests (LDTs), of which TeloYears is one.

Why use TeloYears as opposed to other telomere length measurement tests?

TeloYears is simple to use, actionable because you can track your progress over time through retesting and available direct to consumers for a reasonable price. In addition, one of our co-founders won the Nobel Prize in 2009 for her work with telomere biology.